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John Connolly
Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with your software, it allows me to convert all my divx / xvid videos to wmv format and watch them (via my media centre pc) on my xbox 360. All the other software I tried complained about codecs etc. I like the simple right click, convert to .wmv it’s great. I was happy to purchase this useful utility and I wish you success in the future. One happy customer here!. Many thanks.
Christison Bob
HI....I have been using a PC since the mid 80's in an administrative setting.VP of Operations at a TV production company........Now dealing with video and audio production and teaching what I have learned over the years......I just have to say it was SUCH a PLEASURE to download your VIDEOZILLA program..........after all these years this is the first program that showed up automatically in the drop down menus.......work as advertised and with AMAZING results....from a LONG time windows user I have to say thank YOU for getting it right........a new LOYAL fan.....thanks again for all the work.......
This is a great program!! Basically, it converts your files into other formats. The best thing I liked about it was that it converts low quality videos(with no playback controls, i.e you can't go forward and backward) into high-quality videos with playback control. I highly recommend you download this and try it out. I see no harm in buying it too.
Simple to use with a right click interface the options for video and audio control are varied, and the image quality matched the original format.
I mixed mp3 files with ease. Quality was pretty Good. User friendly too.
I recommend it to everyone! Full funtionallity combined with a untuitive controll! Within a small period I´ve learned, what´s neccesarry! I´m a Dj and don´t want to miss this program anymore!
Despite it's limits they put on it, it is a great all around converter. High quality conversion, and a large amount of formats are supported.
Great help in editing my music files. User friendly, performs a variety of functions.
Converts fast and with good qaulity via right click which is a nice factor
It is a wonderful software. It's the only video conversion software I've found that actually works as advertised.
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