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Snosh 2.3 - Web streaming experience with Snosh
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(By upgrading you are entitled to receive unlimited free upgrades for a year)
Price: USD 29.95    
Version Summary:
Version 2.3: (16th February 2017)
  • New: Code signing to replace the old SHA1 which is no longer supported
  • Improved: Compatibility and performance on Windows 10
  • Improved: Minor design updates
  • Fixed: Minor bugs found in previous version
Version 2.2: (13th August 2012)
  • New: Windows 8 (32/64-bit) is now supported
  • New: Flash video (F4V) format is now supported as input
  • New: DVD (VOB) video format is now supported as input
  • New: OGG Video (OGV, OGM) video format is now supported as input
  • New: WebM video format is now supported as input
  • New: HD AVCHD (TS, MTS, M2T, M2TS) video format is now supported as input
  • New: VideoCD (DAT) video format is now supported as input
  • New: MKV video format is now supported as input
  • Improved: Improvement over FLV, M4V video support
  • Improved: Minor GUI updates
  • Improved: Stability
  • Improved: Video / Image preview in Snosh
  • Updated: Help manual
Version 2.1: (30th July 2009)
  • New: FLV Player for FLV video playback
  • New: FLV format is now supported as input format
  • New: SWF container to load FLV file format
  • New: Windows 7 tested and ready
  • Fixed: Overlay bugs that occur when source dimension is null
  • Fixed: Preview while convert incorrect when custom time is set
  • Fixed: Converted output does not match the custom time in batch mode
  • Fixed: Audio playback issue in Windows Vista
  • Improved: Minor design updates
  • Improved: Bugs fixes
  • Improved: Windows Vista compatibility
  • Improved: Video playback in Snosh
  • Updated: Help manual
Version 2.0: (29th November 2007)
  • New: Interface Design. A new look for Snosh.
  • New: Player Control Skin
  • Improved: SWF events; loading SWF movie at the end now allow to specify custom url
  • Fixed: Out of Stack error
  • Fixed: Various bugs in the previous version
  • Updated: Help manual
Version 1.4: (8th December 2006)
  • New: Support file format 3G2, ASF and MP4
  • New: Added new tutorials for swf file joining
  • Improved: Player to play MP4, M4V, MOV 7, 3GP, 3G2 with sound
  • Improved: Option to disable audio/video inclusion warning message
  • Improved: Video player/Image Viewier with better viewing resolutions for the input media
  • Improved: Settings will be maintained when unsupported input media is imported
  • Improved: Minor updates on help manual and online tutorials
  • Fixed: Run-time licensing issue
  • Fixed: Cropping bugs
  • Fixed: Inaccurate generated HTML code for video size if a player skin control is selected
  • Fixed: Digital cerficate signing of our software. No longer "unknown publisher" status
  • Fixed: Windows Vista ready
  • Fixed: Program will be terminated on batch module if the input media is not supported
  • Fixed: Bug with certain FLV files
  • Fixed: Bug that may happen on shutdown
  • Fixed: A memory leak with certain quicktime files
Version 1.3: (30th June 2006)
  • New: Custom output file naming
  • New: Audio only player control skin
  • Updated: Help documentation and recompiled into new format
  • Fixed: Run Time Error
  • Fixed: Some other minor bugs
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